Preliminary plan for the Smart Schools project

    Please send public comments to rcalkins@aacsapps.com or jdemetreu@aacsapps.com

    Thank you.

    Dear Walkers:

    In an effort to enhance the security of our campus
    we will no longer be offering a walking program inside the building.
    However, we are happy to invite our walkers to enjoy the fitness center.

    Please contact Mr. Calkins @ 276-6501 or rcalkins@aacsapps.com
    if you would like to take advantage of this amazing facility.

    Thank you for helping to keep our campus safe.

    The faculty and staff need your assistance in providing a safe and efficient arrival and dismissal. We kindly request that you follow the procedures listed below: 
    Secondary School Morning Drop-off and entry
    For the safety of our students and educational environment :
    • The school will be opened at 7:45 a.m. Classes will begin at 8:15 a.m. Students should not arrive on campus before 7:45
    • The cafeteria will be open for students at this time and breakfast available for students.
    • While we appreciate parental visits, parents will not be allowed beyond the High School Office without making an appointment. Parents with prior appointments should check in at the Main Office where you will receive an identification tag and be directed  to your location.
    After School Dismissal
    • School dismissal (bell time) is 3:14 p.m.
    • Students remaining on campus for after school activities will report directly to the scheduled activity upon dismissal. If the activity does not begin immediately after school, students will report directly to our after school study hall in the High School Cafeteria supervised by school personnel.
    • Students will remain in the study hall until dismissed via a pass, scheduled practice, or parent pick-up. (parent pick-up must occur by 5:00 p.m.)
    • All standards and expectations of the school day are applicable for after school study hall.
    We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we work to ensure a safe and secure campus.

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