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BOE Goals

Alfred-Almond Central School (AACS) Board of Education (BOE) Goals

The AACS BOE will work toward attaining the following goals. Activities related to the accomplishment of these goals may vary throughout any given year and will be based on best practices in the field of education. A review of these overarching goals and actions taken to achieve them will take place annually and updated or changed as is deemed necessary by the AACS BOE.

GOAL 1: Ensure that all students have access to educational experiences both in and out of the classroom that will provide life experience opportunities.

Action items:

  • Track student participation in extracurriculars to determine percentages.
  • Offer a variety of field trips (in-person and virtual) centered around student learning objectives.
  • Establish protocol and an action plan with the Guidance Counselors, College and Career Readiness Coordinator, and Leadership team.
  • Track percentage of participation in internships, college visits, job shadowing, etc. related to college and careers.
  • Periodically review college/trade school requirements to ensure AACS is providing curriculum that best prepares students for success after graduation.
  • Develop and implement new curricula that will help students prepare for life after AACS.

GOAL 2: Develop and monitor a curriculum sustainability plan that is grounded in AACS enrollment trends and NYS education law.

Action items:

  • Review course offerings at the P-12 level as well as participation and pass rates.
  • Utilize ForeCast5 to develop a five (5) and ten (10) year plan for enrollment growth and sustainability.
  • Review area district’s curriculum offerings and compare those offerings to opportunities offered at Alfred-Almond.
  • Develop a tracking process of students after graduation to serve as an assessment of the AACS educational experience and use to retool and invest in appropriate changes.

GOAL 3: Maintain the health, safety, and well-being of all AACS students, faculty and staff in accordance with NYS education laws and local policies related to such.

Action items:

  • School Resource Officer
  • Offer opportunities to promote wellness for staff - Conference Days - Wellness, yoga offered after-school, use of fitness center, resources shared at faculty meetings, email
  • Develop, communicate, and implement procedures that address issues of health and safety that may impact a significant number of our school district students, staff and community members and ultimately interfering with the delivery of education.

GOAL 4: Maintain and monitor the fiscal health of AACS based on all available funding sources; monitor the required policies and procedures as set forth by the NYS Comptroller in light of the needs of the district and the State and National fiscal climates.

Action items:

  • Review, revise, and adopt an updated BOE Policy manual
  • Regularly review the budget and recommend adjustments as needed to ensure a sound education delivery

GOAL 5: Execute and maintain a reasonable communication plan with the AACSD community that ensures transparency where applicable and allowed by law.

Action items:

  • Newsletter articles that include letters from administration and BOE at various times throughout the school year.
  • Develop, execute, and maintain a plan for weekly or bi-weekly use of Global calls, Operoo, Social Media, District website, parent surveys.