Message from Superintendent

Good Afternoon, this is Superintendent Tracie Bliven.  Please listen carefully as the
following message applies to the instructional and transportation model for the 2nd

If you would like to make a change for how your child attends school at Alfred-Almond
for the second quarter of the school year please contact the main office of the building
in which your child attends. The options for learning are Hybrid (in-person two days per
week, remote three days per week) OR 100% Remote (accessed completely from home
and primarily through on-line instruction). 

If you would like to make a change to your child's transportation arrangements, please contact the transportation department directly.

We ask that if requesting a change to either your child's instructional or transportation model you do so no later than October 30th.

If we do not receive a request for a change by October 30th, your child will remain in the
learning and transportation model they are currently participating in through the end of
the 2nd quarter, January 22, 2021. Families will continue to have an opportunity to
reassess each quarter. 

Please take a moment to complete the feedback survey if you have not done
so:  The link to the survey can be found on our
district website and social media pages.

The information contained in this message will be posted on our district website and
social media pages and sent out through Operoo should you need it for future

We appreciate the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with you to ensure your child
reaches their maximum learning potential this school year.

Thank you and be well.