• Attention Seniors! 


    1. You should try to submit your applications to state colleges by November 1st and private colleges by December 1st. Check college catalogs for dates, especially if you are considering early admission.

    2. Many colleges visit Alfred-Almond. Plan on meeting with college representatives to learn more about the schools and what each school has to offer.

    3. College and university campus open houses are underway. Check the bulletin board next to the School Counselors’ Office.

    4. Deadlines are very important. Each college will inform you of the deadline (in the application instructions or in the school’s catalog.) Try to bring you secondary school report to the School Counselors’ Office at least 10 days in advance of the deadline.

    5. Scholarships – students interested in scholarships are advised to review the information on scholarship's in the School Counselors’ Office and check websites.

    6. All applicants for financial aid must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 

    7. Senior interviews will begin soon. The interview includes reviewing records to ensure all requirements for graduation have/will be met and discussing student post high school plans.

    8. Plan on attending College Night at Hornell High School which is usually the last Monday of September at 7pm.

    9. Check out the Links page for college resources

     *All college applications completed online. Please notify us of any online applications you have submitted and any future acceptances from colleges.