• Juniors
    The College Admission Process

    Checklist of college preparation activities completed and to be completed.


    • Attend college fairs, meet with the college reps that visit our school, and collect information on colleges and their entrance requirements.
    • Prepare for and take the PSAT/NMSQT.
    • Learn as much as possible about occupations and college majors. Use the resources available in the SCO and online. Also, talk to teachers, your counselor, college students, and adults about the occupation/major that interests you.
    • Create a list of colleges that interest you and reduce this number over the year. 
    • Call or write for information and applications from colleges that definitely interest you.
    • Schedule courses for the next school year that meet graduation requirements and are also compatible with your college and career goals. Pay close attention to courses that will be required for college entrance.
    • Visit or plan to visit colleges for admission interviews and tours.
    • Prepare for college admission tests (SAT and/or ACT).
    • Take college admissions tests (SAT and/or ACT).
    • Talk to your school counselor and find out about applying to colleges.