• Attendance Notes

    • If your child is absent, please call 607.276.6536 or email attendance@aacsapps.com  to notify us of the absence. Any absences that are not documented will be considered illegal absences.  If your child is out for an extended period (5 or more days), a note from your pediatrician will be required (excluding COVID).
    • If your child is excused before the end of the day, please send them to school with a note or email attendance@aacsapps.com . Please include the reason they are leaving.  If no reason is specified, it will be considered an illegal absence.
    • Please be sure to include your child’s first and last name when writing excuses.

    Injuries and Physical Education/Athletics

    • If your child needs to be excused from PE, a parent note is acceptable for minor complaints for one (1) day.  If your child needs to be excused for more than one (1) day, or if there is a more serious illness or injury, a doctor’s note must be provided.
    • If the note from the doctor does not specify a return to participation date, your child will not be permitted to participate until one is provided.
    • If your child is excused from PE by you or by a physician, they cannot participate in athletics.
    • Students who test positive for COVID can only return to Physical Education on day 11 (or day 11 post-testing if asymptomatic). 
    • Students participating in Athletics (12 years and older) who test positive for COVID will require a screening assessment by a medical provider (AAP guidelines) to assess the risk of myocarditis before they are allowed to participate in Physical Education and Sports (for more information, please see the Return to Play Post-COVID section).