• Head Injury (Concussion) Protocol:

    • All athletes will undergo a pre-participation baseline assessment at the start of the academic year.  The tests utilized by the district are the ImPACT Test Online or SCAT-5
    • In the event of a head injury during sports, the student will be sidelined and evaluated by our athletic trainer or coaches. Depending on the severity of symptoms, the athletic trainer or coach will recommend either an immediate emergency room visit or an evaluation by your child’s medical provider.
    • The following steps are required in order to return to play: 
      • The completion of a repeated SCAT-5 or ImPACT test shows a return to baseline in the neurological and cognitive parameters. Such tests will be performed by the school Athletic Trainer and/or School Nurse.  
      • The above letter from PCP and repeated tests will be discussed with our School Physician before a final decision is made concerning the initiation of the “Return To Play Protocol Following Concussion” (a 6-day process). The School Physician may ask to personally evaluate your child in case the athletic trainer or school nurse has additional concerns.  
      • The student will return to full activity (Phys. Ed. classes and sports) upon the successful completion of the “Return To Play Protocol Following Concussion (the 6-day process)”  
      • In case your child does not have a primary care physician, an alternative would be the Urgent Care Centers in Wellsville or Hornell.  
      • Please note, that your child’s PCP will not be able to bypass the above procedure that is mandated by the state. An “immediate return to sports” letter by your child’s PCP cannot be accepted. Your child’s PCP can help us hasten the process by:
            • Evaluating your child immediately after a head injury
            • Re-evaluating and writing a letter stating a normal neurological exam and complete resolution of symptoms as soon as the symptoms improve.  Once suspected to have a concussion by the school personnel, the student will not be allowed to participate in any sports or physical activity at the school until:

    CDC Heads Up- Parents
    CDC Heads Up- Athletes
    CDC- Return to Play Post Concussion