• When Should I Keep my Child Home from School:

    • Abnormally tired (this is common with flu symptoms and COVID)  
    • Vomiting or diarrhea  
    • Becomes short of breath or is wheezing  
    • Has a cough that disrupts normal activity  
    • Experiencing pain from earache, headache, sore throat, or recent injury  
    • Has yellow or green eye drainage  
    • Unexplained rash. Not all rashes require a child to stay home from school, so check with your child’s doctor
    • They have a temperature of 100.4F or higher
    • Your child should stay home from school if he/she has a contagious disease. A contagious disease can be spread by close contact with a person or object. Examples are COVID, chickenpox, flu, vomiting, diarrhea, colds, strep throat, and "pinkeye." A disease may be contagious before the child shows signs of illness. It is very hard to prevent the spread of some germs, especially in a school classroom.

    Useful CDC Links:
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    Norovirus (Stomach Bug)
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